Persia BCI

Brain-Computer Interface and Movement Control

Brain-Computer Interface in Vivo 

Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) provides an appropriate condition for presenting how a specific function (here the movement) is related to the consequent and result of neural actions. Note that, we only have the result of neural actions and do not have information of the behavior of each cohort of neurons. In invasive techniques such as Electrocorticography (ECoG), a thin pad is imbedded into specific part of brain involving sensors to receive information of the manner how electrical charges pass through it. We are not allowed do invasive operation for doing scientific research even in animal study (rare). Vitro studies need expensive devices and equipped laboratory. Then the focus is on solving the problems of processing the result of neural activities mirrored in for instance the brain waves via signal processing. The problem is that we are going to analyze the result of whole neural actions received by EEG and want to figure out the knowledge of inside the brain. Although, neurophysiological references present some knowledge of brain different components accompanied by dissection, the investigation in vivo is still under research. Mathematical science assists this crucial problem via solving Inverse problem and Forward problem which is strongly engaged with mathematical and probabilistic methods.

BCI Application in Movement Control

Concentrating on biofeedback and BCI applications, there are different competitions for presenting new combination of algorithms or new techniques to speed up the process of biofeedback system synched by the velocity of sensory, inter and motor neurons actions. These techniques are present via interfaces. Thus, the brain is under the interactive condition with computer which names Brain-Computer Interface. Sometimes the capability and ability of brain translated to the defined commands into a game for creating specific desire such as moving a ball into the screen. Moving which is cold at the first steps but like the biking procedure, it will be trained. The brain will be trained to put itself in particular threshold of measurements (on the surface, brain waves in specific amplitude and frequency). Brain will generate neurotransmitters by giving various feedbacks (here visual ones, by watching the screen) and send the command to move it as the preferable direction. This is the general meaning of BCI. We did not go into the necessity of solving forward and inverse problems leading to the root of neural commands generators.

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